CMS 310-02 Introduction to Computer Organization

Spring 1 2007 2/08/07 - 3/09/07
Indian School campus Tuesday
5:30 - 9:30
Dal Jensen
Phone: 362-4143

Course Prerequisites: CMS 101 or BUS 231

Incoming Competencies Expected of Students: A basic understanding of the binary number system would be an advantage, but the information will be covered in class

Textbook: There is no published text book required for the class. Class lecture notes, additional reading material and a copy of the LogicWorks software for home use during the class will be available for purchase on a CD Rom for a $5.00 charge during the first class session..

Other Course Materials: Class handouts will be provided as appropriate. The lab will utilize a computerized analysis and modeling program that will be available on the computers in the classroom. Manuals for the program will be available for use in the classroom and handouts of pertinent information will be provided. No knowledge of electrical circuits is assumed.

Course Description: The class will be a combination lecture/lab class, with approximately 50% of each class devoted to a lecture and the remainder devoted to an examination of the basic concepts of binary logic circuits using the computer simulation program. We will examine  mathematical operations with binary numbers, basic logic design, representation of data in binary signals, Boolean expressions, reduction techniques for Boolean expressions, and touch upon the functions of large scale components of computer systems. As time allows, we will design and implement logic circuits that could be used in simple projects. These circuits will demonstrate the analysis required to implement an actual circuit from a written description of the requirements. A computer program (LogicWorks 4) will be used to model the logic expressions and hardware

Course Goals: The course will serve the student as an introduction to the Boolean concepts and underlying logic gate implementations upon which all computer systems are based.  The associated computer program will provide an introduction into computer modeling techniques used extensively in computer design today.

Intended Course Outcomes: The student will have a better understanding of Boolean Algebra and its relationship to the logical design of integrated circuits.  The software used in the class will provide students with an understanding of the capabilities of modern integrated circuit design.

Grading Policy: The class grade will be derived from class participation, assigned homework assignments, the results of the laboratory exercises, one in-process exam, and a final exam. Depending upon availability of e-mail accounts for the students, the exams may be available to be done outside of class.

Attendance Policy and Plagiarism Policy: It is extremely difficult to do the work without class attendance. See the attached school policy for attendance and plagiarism.

Week # Topic* Laboratory*
1 Introduction to Binary Numbers Introduction to Logic Works
2 Binary Operations, Logic Gates Simple Logic Design
3 Logic Gates, Algebraic Reduction Intro to Busses
4 Algebraic Reduction Techniques Class Project
5 Mid-Term Exam Sub Circuit Design
6 Karnaugh Map Reduction Class Project
7 Karnaugh Map Reduction Final Project
8 TBA Final Project
9 Final Exam Due Final Lab Exam

* Topic and Laboratory Assignments are subject to change based upon class needs.